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  1. Always attend all meetings on time.

  2. Always telephone at the agreed time.

  3. Always be prepared for any coaching call:

(a)  Check what you have achieved against your tasks;

(b)  List what is still outstanding with your explanation for not completing the tasks and e-mail to me 24 hours prior to your next       coaching session;

(c)  Consider what actions may be necessary prior to sessions.

 4.  ​​Be honest at all times. Never lie about what you have achieved. It does not serve you.

 5.  You agree that I can challenge you if you are deceiving yourself or on any areas I see appropriate to do so.

 6.  Be willing and enthusiastic about trying new methods that I, as your coach, may suggest from time to time.

 7.  Accept and willingly work on direct, honest feedback received.

 8.  At all times work in partnership with me.

 9.  Be prepared to work on all areas of your life with me, not just your career. I am interested in your whole life not just a small part.

10. Arrange for payment to be made in advance of all coaching calls or meetings.

11. If you require a receipt request it in advance.

12. If you believe that you have received good service, please recommend life coaching to your friends.

13. Send any forms back promptly and fully completed.

14. Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone into an achievement zone with my support

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