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Gold package details

Duration: 2-3 days (depends on each client's requirements) intensive one-on-one breakthrough session.

A Personal Breakthrough Session is an intensive coaching session and is an exceptionally powerful process that results in a tremendous transformation, personal change as well as healing. 


It is the fastest way to get your life in check. It is an amazing way to overcome significant issues in your life, eliminate limiting beliefs and negative emotions. I will be using my expertise in world’s most powerful personal development technologies such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy ® Techniques and more, which will get rid of old barriers to manifest the future that you want and need.  


A Personal Breakthrough Session contradicts the need to wait to have a series of sessions especially in today’s hectic lifestyles and intense workloads. It will only require 2-3 days out for your busy life to let go of all the obstacles that stand in your way to a successful and fulfilling life.

The Gold Package includes:


  1. Setting outcomes you’d want to achieve in the session

  2. Figuring out your Driving Question and creating a new one that pushes you towards your goals

  3. Discovering the root cause of negative emotions

  4. Elimination of past negative emotions

  5. Freeing yourself from Inner Conflicts 

  6. Digging out your limiting decisions

  7. Deleting the limiting beliefs that no longer serves you

  8. Getting rid of anxiety

  9. Clear out phobia

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